The Social Network Abyss

I feel trapped.

Ping, ping, ping goes my ‘puter.

Ding, ding, dong goes my head.

QuoraBranchOutLinkedInFacebookMySpace (‘member that one?) – YouTube –  TwitterFlickrFoursquareXingNing – Ping – the barrage of the social networks goes on and on and on each and every day.

Every week there’s a new social network popping up.

Oy vey,” as my Recruiting Animal friend would say.

I’m a member of many of them. 

I’m beginning to feel dirty.

I think their popularity has to do with that childhood fear we had of not wanting to be left uninvited to the party or, at least not left for last chosen to join a team.

Remember that?

Is she going to invite me?

Is he going to choose me?

Will they like me?

Will they accept me?

Will they let me sit at their table?

It has something to do, I suspect, with not feeling worthy.

Not feeling pretty.

Not feeling smart.

Not feeling a lot of things.

The Fifth Sign of an ancient Hopi legend holds that before the beginning of a “New World“:

“The land shall be crisscrossed by a giant spider’s web.”

Social networking allows us to suddenly “feel” something.

But isn’t there still something “missing”?

Could it be that we’re entering a new era – a new world – of self-realization?

Of understanding?

Will it include throwing off the crisscrossing bands of social networking that are making some of us feel ensnared? 

What do you think is coming?


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2 Responses to The Social Network Abyss

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  2. Poor Maureen. She has a photo album (Flickr) and she has a diary (her blog). People in the past never had to deal with those things.

    She has a service that automatically posts her writing to a number of different sites so she doesn’t have to (Ping). But hey, if you give someone who pounds her clothes on rocks at the riverside a washer and a dryer, in a month she’ll be complaining about those and the vacuum cleaner too. That’s human nature.

    If your kid started high school and came home whining that there were too many interesting clubs to join, what wd you tell her. Well, dear, you can’t be in a million places at the same time. So you have to pick one or two and leave the rest for other people.

    Case closed.

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